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Automated Digital Onboarding

When getting onboarded, clients, customers and staff are often subjected to cumbersome procedures that fail to adequately reduce the inherent associated risk for the organisation.

Simplify your customers’ journey and optimise internal resources by replacing legacy procedures with ThisIsMe’s state-of-the-art onboarding solutions. Our leading digital onboarding services are designed to satisfy all onboarding requirement and range from simple CID (Customer Identification) transactions to enhanced customer due diligence exercises. ThisIsMe also offers bespoke onboarding solutions for clients whose complex set of demands require an approach that is tailored to their specific business requirements and risk determination strategies. 

Our services can be consumed via Mobile SDK (Android and iOS) and through API microservices, thereby giving you the flexibility to inject smart validation into all stages of the onboarding process.

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Know Your Customer

Accountable and Reporting Institutions (AI’s and RI’s) are all too familiar with the headache surrounding FICA requirements of verifying customers. Thankfully, the risk-based approach adopted with the 2017 Amendments to FICA puts the power in the hands of AIs and RIs. 

Our suite of products and services provide confirmation of an individual’s identity, most probable address, contact number, and employer information in real time, allowing our clients to corroborate information and documents they’ve been supplied with. 

When riskier transactions present themselves, elevated risk checks supporting enhanced due diligence exercises can easily be performed via the same platform.

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Identity Verification Solutions

ThisIsMe provides direct, real-time identity verification services by utilising the Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS) database – a system that provides multiple solutions for the verification of an individual’s national identity and deceased status. 

The rapidly increasing demand for real-time application processing has made identity verification a critical component of any business’s engagement strategy. 

ThisIsMe’s identity verification services empower businesses to mitigate risk associated with identity fraud by quickly and accurately verifying a client’s identity, all while maintaining the highest standards for data security, confidentiality, and customer experience. 

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Facial Biometric Verification

By using a photograph or captured selfie to cross-check and verify identity, ThisIsMe’s Biometric Verification Solution offers the highest degree of real-time risk mitigation for businesses engaging with clients in a digital or face-to-face environment.

The service scans a photograph or captured selfie and transforms facial features into digital biometric information. The information is then used to cross-check the photograph against a provided Identity Document or Passport, thereby confirming or invalidating the individual’s provided identity information.

For South African citizens, ThisIsMe offers an enhanced service that crosschecks a photograph and a given identity document against the digital image held by the DHA on the Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS).

A detailed report is generated confirming the matching results between the various images including those retrieved from the HANIS database.

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Risk Assessment Services

ThisIsMe’s risk assessment services help to ensure regulatory compliance by complimenting an effectively implemented risk-based approach. 

Our Anti-Money Laundering protocols, Politically Exposed Persons checks, and Sanction Screening solutions provide a detailed and timeous identification of potential risk, thereby allowing businesses to properly execute their risk mitigation procedures and ensure regulatory compliance. 

ThisIsMe offers multiple additional tools for the further investigation into potential risk, including risk related to mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, or credit-risk specifically. Our Credit Risk Assessment solutions range from a simple Credit Score and Summative Credit Profiles, all the way through to a Complete Consumer Credit Report.

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Information Validation Services

ThisIsMe’s Information Validation Services allow for the quick and efficient validation of documents and information. Our services allow businesses to reduce costs and streamline cumbersome administrative tasks such as client onboarding or the management of a customer base, while still maintaining the highest standards for data accuracy, security, and customer experience.  

ThisIsMe offers a range of solutions that provide access to data sources covering Contact Information, Address Data, Employer Information, Property Ownership, CIPC Business Principal Statuses, Trusts, and Marital Status Information.  Access to this information is provided in multiple forms, via multiple channels, thus ensuring the most appropriate solution to each of our clients’ unique business requirements and existing workflows.

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Batch Data Services

ThisIsMe offers Bulk Data Processing and assessment capability to our clients, allowing for the efficient management of large data sets, as well as the enrichment of datasets with any of the products and services within our Solutions portfolio. 

Using multiple data sources, our administrators handle all the heavy lifting on large data sets that would otherwise consume far more resources when done individually. 

Information is handled with the utmost care and in full compliance of POPI, GDPR and other data protection legislation.

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