What We Do, Our History, and Our Vision

What We Do

We are a South African identity verification company specialising in KYC, AML/CFT and Digital Onboarding solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet every verification need a client could have.

Our range of products empowers businesses to grow and innovate by more effectively and efficiently verifying, validating, and processing identities and information.

We place our clients at the centre of our work. We work hard to understand the problems faced by our customers and then design tools to overcome those challenges.

On this ethos, we have built a team of professionals dedicated to revolutionising industry norms building world-class digital tools that empower our customers to grow their businesses.

Revolutionising the Industry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Recognising the threats posed by the pervasive issue of fraud globally, ThisIsMe was conceptualised in 2013 and officially launched in 2014 so that verified identities could promote authentic transactional security.

In 2017, ThisIsMe transformed the South African FinTech and RegTech industry by setting the benchmark for FICA verification (a major AML/CFT regulation). This achievement won the company international acclaim and established us as an industry leader.

The following years have seen us expand our service offerings and develop a comprehensive suite of solutions, building on our vision and mission of being South Africa’s most complete offering of KYC/AML and digital onboarding tools.

We develop our products by continuously working hard to understand the problems faced by our customers – our solutions are designed from the ground up to provide real solutions to real problems. This approach is central to our company’s ethos and has underpinned our success.

Today, we work with our partners to design the industry’s most efficient, reliable and cost-effective digital tools that empower businesses to grow and thrive in a more secure world.

Our Vision

"ThisIsMe is developing South Africa's most comprehensive ecosystem of identity verification products available. Our commitment to innovation allows us to constantly expand our range of solutions and meet every need."

Juan Furmie | Chief Executive Officer

"We develop our solutions to the highest standards of data protection and security, all while ensuring the best possible levels of useability and integration.

Monty Furmie | Chief Technical Officer