About our company

Our Start

Recognising the threats posed by the pervasive issue of fraud globally, ThisIsMe was conceptualised in 2013 and officially launched in 2014 with the belief that verified identities could promote authentic transactional security – for businesses and individuals alike.

The company went from strength to strength and in 2016 secured $2.5m (R37.4m) in funding from private investors. We reached the milestone of 1 million verified identities only a year later, collecting several awards along the way. 

ThisIsMe gained worldwide recognition after setting the industry benchmark for FICA verification (a financial regulation geared towards AML/CFT in South Africa). This achievement got the company featured as one of the Emerging 50 Rising Stars on the 2018 FINTECH100 list. 

Guided by South Africa’s constantly evolving regulatory landscape, our commitment to verifiable identities as a tool for risk management, and the client relationships we foster along the way, we have grown to be South Africa’s leading identity verification and due diligence company. 

What We Do

Today, ThisIsMe provides an extensive suite of due diligence services that includes Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions, remote onboarding, and a host of other data validation services that help businesses to effectively manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Our solutions empower the banking, asset management, legal services, gambling, financial services and telecommunications industries every day, providing invaluable risk insight with our award-winning technology.

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, our services deliver real-time transactional security and peace-of-mind by affirming the integrity of those you do business with. By building atop leading cloud-based infrastructure, our comprehensive and highly scalable solutions provide a tailored approach that minimizes cost and ensures our services augment standard business processes with the highest possible system availability.

Our Future

Trust – understood as “our willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of others because we believe they have good intentions and will behave well towards us” – has reached historic lows after years of lies, fraud and crime have sowed distrust in our societies. 

We are working to reverse this decay in trust. Guided by our faith in identity verification as a tool for transactional security and risk management, we envision a global economy in which verifiable identities rid transactions and interactions of pervasive risk and mistrust.

These ideals, combined with our privacy-centric approach to data management, mean that we are engaged in building a world in which transactional security and trust are the norm, not the privileged exception.