ThisIsMe Launches New Prepaid Service Offering

September 19, 2022 by Sam Strand KYCPrepaidPrepaid ID VerificationThisIsMe PrepaidPay-As-You-Go

ThisIsMe has launched a new prepaid service offering. Standing alongside ThisIsMe’s Partners and Enterprise service offerings, Prepaid offers a pay-as-you-go system that represents great value for clients who only require low to moderate usage of ThisIsMe’s consumer and business services.

For ThisIsMe, the launch of Prepaid signals an exciting milestone for the company as we continue to broaden our appeal and improve the accessibility of our services. 

How does Prepaid Work? 

Prepaid functions as a pay-as-you-go system and charges no monthly fees

Clients using Prepaid can charge their account with any amount above a minimum of R295. Thereafter, any prepaid service transactions will automatically be charged from this loaded amount. Credits do not expire and entail no obligations – once loaded, credits can be spent as and when the client wishes. 

Access to ThisIsMe’s range of services is facilitated through our Partners platform: a web-user interface that offers efficient and streamlined access to our broad range of world-class solutions. ThisIsMe’s Partners platform is completely online and facilitates the secure, efficient and accessible use of our services. 

Who is Prepaid For? 

ThisIsMe’s prepaid service offering has been optimized for clients who will process low to moderate volumes of service requests. 

ThisIsMe’s Prepaid service offering may be best if your business: 

  • Processes smaller numbers of requests associated with identity verification and data validation 
  • Requires access to a wide variety of identity verification and data validation services, yet only in low volumes
  • Experiences low-volume and varied demand for services related to identity verification and data validation 
  • Does not require API integration
  • Does not require multiple access accounts to ThisIsMe’s Partners platform

ThisIsMe’s Prepaid service offering has been optimized for the requirements of businesses such as wealth managers, small- and medium-sized law firms, real estate agencies, and conveyancing firms. 

ThisIsMe’s prepaid service offering can be used by any client; however, they have been optimized to best suit clients with lower processing demands who do not need to make significant use of our consumer and business services or require API integration.  

Clients who process larger batches of data will be better served by ThisIsMe’s Partners or Enterprise service offerings. 

ThisIsMe – Leaders in Identity Verification and Data Validation Services 

Prepaid provides access to ThisIsMe’s core range of services. These services include the ability to scan documents, evaluate risk, validate bank accounts, and screen for politically exposed persons and sanctions. ThisIsMe’s prepaid service offering does not cover services that require high-risk credit information calls. 

To get started and sign up for ThisIsMe’s Prepaid service offering, click here

To find out which service offering will best suit your business, book a consultation with our team here. 

As South Africa’s leading provider of world-class due diligence and remote-onboarding solutions, ThisIsMe is proud to be at the forefront of a trust-based and privacy-compliant digital world.