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Ensuring that clients are not lost to the FICA process is essential to gaining a competitive advantage in the property market. We provide solutions that allow you to prevent fraud and seamlessly FICA your clients from anywhere in the world, in real-time. 

Industry Challenges

  • High Friction FICA Processes
  • High Time Cost of Compliance
  • High Risk of Fraud
  • Outdated Contact Information
  • Slow KYC Processes
  • Onerous Regulatory Burden  

Benefits of Using ThisIsMe

  • Speed - Fastest route to compliance through automation & technological influence
  • Reduced Cost - Reduced costs through digitization of the compliance process
  • Reduced Risk - Machine Learning enhanced compliance processes, closing the gaps for fraud
  • Convenient Compliance - Centralised mobile compliance platform
  • Proprietary - Process patented solutions
  • Consensual Data (POPI) - Privacy compliant platform

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