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ThisIsMe combines access to golden-source data with world-class technology allowing for seamless KYC regulatory compliance

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Sign up new customers, staff or suppliers seamlessly with ThisIsMe’s onboarding solutions

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Perform real-time identity verification and mitigate fraud risks prevalent in today’s digital lifecycles

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Determine the validity of an individual’s identity with our facial recognition solutions

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Screen your customers to protect your business from associating with financial criminal activity or politically exposed individuals

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Access secure, compliant solutions, utilising multiple trusted data sources for the validation of information

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ThisIsMe API
Integrate today to seamlessly automate and scale your key processes with our standards-based API

Essential verification tasks need not be a drain on resources. By integrating your key processes directly with our API, you ensure compliance, reduce risk and deliver a swift experience your customers will love.

Hosted Verifications
Our Partners Platform empowers hundreds of users with the tools they need to validate and verify information every day

When direct integration is not required, our hosted solution, the Partners Platform, can execute any service available via API integration, right in the web. The Partners Platform can be customised to fit branding requirements and company permissions are strictly followed, putting you in control of who sees what.

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Top 5 Industries Most Exposed to the Risk of Platform Fraud - Analysis

As new forms of economic crime emerge – such as platform fraud – industries need to quickly understand new threats and learn how to mitigate them.

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Greylisting - Impact on SA's Enhanced Due Diligence Compliance Obligations

How the risk of South Africa being greylisted by the FATF will affect AML/CFT regulatory compliance obligations within and outside the country

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Does KYC worsen the customer experience? Not anymore.

Understand how new KYC solutions allow businesses to conduct comprehensive identity verification within a seamless, world-class customer experience.

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Why the RegTech and FinTech Industries are Fundamental to AML/CFT

Understand how and why private sector innovation has transformed and continues to enrich AML/CFT regulatory compliance for businesses.

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