ThisIsMe Business

We enable businesses to reduce fraud, automate KYC, improve on-boarding & increase revenue while providing an on-demand, seamless customer experience. Use ThisIsMe's privacy compliant platform for:

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ThisIsMe Individual

ThisIsMe for Individuals is your identity management and verification tool for the modern world. Use ThisIsMe to verify people when interacting online and to control your identity data.

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ThisIsMe is proud to have been presented with the following awards:


Mondato DFC Innovation Award, 2017 - Winner

Gartner Aspiring Innovator, 2017 - Selection

Banking Innovation African Fintech Awards, 2017 - Winner

Best African Fintech Award, 2017 - Winner

Emerging Enterprise Award, 2017 - Winner

Our Vision

We believe YOU, and only you have the right to decide who has access to your information. Large organisations like Banks, Insurers, Realtors and a host of others are forced to capture your information as part of their regulatory requirements. The problem with this is that all too often, your information is sold to unscrupulous entities or worse, leaked to the world as a result of poor security. Our goal is to place control of your personal information back in your hands. 

Our Approach

We provide all ThisIsMe users a free, secure profile in which to store their personal data. You choose what is stored in your personal profile and update it at your leisure. We have integrated many reputable data sources to validate your information to ensure that your profile is accurately maintained. In addition, we partner with forward-thinking merchants - through our Business Portal - that share our philosophy on user data protection and allow them to request only what they need from you in a POPI-compliant manner. You decide if they may view your personal information on your terms. 

What We Offer

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Personal Data Storage

Capture the information you wish to use when transacting with a growing list of merchants that acknowledge your right to effective data management and protection. Update your profile at your leisure or when a specific merchant requires it. 

Verify Others

ThisIsMe encourages trusted person-to-person interactions through our 'Verify Someone' process.  You can request that someone you've just met verifies their identity by simply entering their mobile number. We verify their identity and report to both parties. 


Mobile Consent Platform

Control is nothing without access. As a ThisIsMe subscriber, your profile is available to you from your PC browser, our responsive website or via our iOS and Android Mobile Verification Apps. You can approve or deny information requests on the go. 

Verify, Use & Comply

Your verified ThisIsMe profile will allow you to FICA instantly with integrated merchants. Say goodbye to  filling in forms. Your documents are on hand and your information is ready to be shared on your terms. 


Some of Our Partner Merchants

We work with companies that share our vision of an accountable and protected user.