Customer Onboarding/KYC

Onboard customers and ensure full FICA compliance every time with our world-class customer onboarding and Know-Your-Customer solutions.

Quick and Easy Customer Onboarding for Full FICA Compliance

Our comprehensive suite of identity verification solutions empowers your business to quickly and accurately verify your customers, anywhere, anytime. Reduce manual labour and streamline your KYC-related workflows to save your company time and money. 

A Smoother FICA Verification Process for Your Customers

Reduce customer drop-off rates and boost your company's image with a seamless KYC process that your customers will easily navigate without confusion or stress.

Designed to Make Integration as Simple and Stress-Free as Possible

We understand that the integration of KYC solutions can be a challenge for larger organisations, so we work hard to minimise this stress. We design our tools to be as simple as possible and then work with you to integrate them.

Flexible Access Options Dependent on Your Needs

Get the best possible access option for your business. Our access platforms - Custom API or Hosted Verifications - cater for a wide range of needs that ensure your business will get the most effective and efficient solution.

ThisIsMe API

Essential verification tasks need not be a drain on resources. By integrating your key processes directly with our API, you ensure compliance, reduce risk and deliver a swift experience your customers will love.

Hosted Verifications

When direct integration is not required, our hosted solution, the Partners Platform, can execute any service available via API integration, right in the web. The Partners Platform can be customised to fit branding requirements and company permissions are strictly followed, putting you in control of who sees what.

Your Needs Met at the Best Possible Price

Whether you are a massive financial institution or a small start-up, we offer pricing packages that are designed to meet your specific needs at the most cost-effective price point.

We look forward to understanding your problems and working together.