Facial Biometric Verification

3D Liveness Detection for Class-Leading Security, Every Time.

Make Remote Customer Verification as Good as In-Person Interaction

Our facial biometric verification closes the gap. Get all the benefits of face-to-face verification - trustworthiness, reliability and accuracy - in a more cost-effective digital package that minimises hassle and stress.

A Smoother Verification Process for Your Customers

Reduce customer drop-off rates and boost your company's image with a seamless KYC process that your customers will easily navigate without confusion or stress.

Designed to Make Integration as Simple and Stress-Free as Possible

We understand that the integration of KYC solutions can be a challenge for larger organizations, so we work hard to minimize this stress. We design our tools to be as simple as possible and then work with you to integrate them.

Your Needs Met at the Best Possible Price

Whether you are a massive financial institution or a small start-up, we offer pricing packages that are designed to meet your specific needs at the most cost-effective price point.

We look forward to understanding your problems and working together.