Bank Account Verification Services (AVS)

Verify bank account details quickly and easily.

Verify Bank Details in Real-Time 

Verify whether the bank account details provided by your client are correct, valid, and belong to the account holder in question.

Mitigate Fraud in All Customer and B2B Relationships

ThisIsMe’s AVS solution empowers your company to mitigate the risk of fraud posed by individuals (natural persons) and businesses (juristic persons) alike. We can run AVS checks on individuals, companies, trusts and NGOs.

Easy-To-Use Platforms 

Don’t get slowed down by complex IT systems. For smaller workloads, our Partners Platform empowers your business to understand and manage your verification and risk-assessment workflows, stress-free.

Flexible Access Options Dependent on Your Needs

Get the best possible access option for your business. Our access platforms - Custom API or Hosted Verifications - cater for a wide range of needs that ensure your business will get the most effective and efficient solution.

ThisIsMe API

Essential verification tasks need not be a drain on resources. By integrating your key processes directly with our API, you ensure compliance, reduce risk and deliver a swift experience your customers will love.

Hosted Verifications

When direct integration is not required, our hosted solution, the Partners Platform, can execute any service available via API integration, right in the web. The Partners Platform can be customised to fit branding requirements and company permissions are strictly followed, putting you in control of who sees what.

Your Needs Met at the Best Possible Price

Whether you are a massive financial institution or a small start-up, we offer pricing packages that are designed to meet your specific needs at the most cost-effective price point.

We look forward to understanding your problems and working together.