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Why Fast FICA

Utilize the fastest FICA process on the market with our Fast FICA Solution.

Reduce Costs & Save Time - Our clients experience an average savings of 70% in FICA/KYC costs and save their customers an average of 3 days saved per FICA transaction, with our 3 minute Fast FICA.

Reduce Compliance Risk - Our fully compliant proprietary KYC processes ensure that you are always FICA compliant.

Ongoing Checks - We continuously monitor your client database to ensure constant, ongoing compliance.

Benefits of Fast FICA

  • Tamper Proof Technology
  • Machine Learning Know Your Customer Process
  • Multipoint Identification
  • Mobile Friendly Process
  • Global Multi-Source Due-Diligence
  • Privacy Protected Process
  • Easy API Integration

Turnaround Time

  • Real-time Service

How it Works

ID Document or Passport

Using our tamper-proof technology we scan the ID document or Passport for validity and relevant details.

Personal Details

Personal details are cross-referenced and verified.

Alt Text

Address Details

Proof of address is scanned and verified.

Alt Text

Full FICA Report

Fully compliant FICA report is provided.

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