Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get your data from?

ThisIsMe is connected to numerous registered databases and data sources, extracting updated data every time a new check is requested.

Do you sell our data?

No, we do not sell any data about your business or your customers.

Do you provide Global Solutions?

Yes, we are able to perform identity verification and due diligence checks in 196 countries.

Can I store my employee and customer information for future reference?

You may legally keep the information for the length of time they are working for your company. However, you must delete their information within 7 years of the employment ending.

How secure is your cloud-based solution?

Numerous studies have established that data stored in the cloud is less likely to be lost, deleted or leaked than data stored on a personal computer. ThisIsMe complies  with the PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 - 27004 standards and maintains bank-grade security using 256-bit SSL encryption. All our data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, and we employ state-of-the-art firewall and backup technology. All our data is continuously backed up in several high security access-controlled data centres in different locations.

What happens if I accidentally delete an applicant’s data? Will I be able to retrieve it?

Just in case you accidentally delete a record, we hold a backup on a secure remote server that holds the data for 24 hours. 

Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?

We never carry out any checks without the applicant’s consent. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information. 

How long is the applicant’s data held?

As long as an applicant gives us their consent, their data is held until the applicant or their employer requests for it to be deleted. 

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Is there a minimum spend?

No. You can buy as many checks as you like through our pay-as-you-go system.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment through card or bank transfer.

Can I cancel my account?

You can always delete your account and all data in it. We ensure that data is irrevocably deleted once the need for it has ended, in accordance with Data Protection Regulations.

Couldn't find what you were looking for?

Call our office at +27 21 422 3995 or drop us a email at .

Does ThisIsMe integrate with my system?

ThisIsMe integrates with many systems across various industries. 

What is the process for approval to access the Production API key?

Begin by contacting ThisIsMe to explain the context in which you would like to use the ThisIsMe platform. Our customer success team will contact you to discuss your use case in more detail to verify that it is compliant with current regulations. Once this is approved, you will get full access to the production API key. 

How can I partner with ThisIsMe?

ThisIsMe is an API Company and eager to partner with solution providers that make compliant use of its solutions. Please contact the ThisIsMe Partner team to discuss Partnership opportunities.


I haven't received my activation link. What now?

We suggest you check that it hasn’t landed up being filtered into your email’s spam or other subfolders that receive emails besides your inbox. If you still can’t locate it, click here to have your activation email resent.

How do I know my data is safe? uses strict data security standards, including encrypted data storage structures inaccessible to the outside world (the internet). We comply with the PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 - 27004 standards. Access to your own data is protected by two-factor authentication and all our partners are strictly scrutinised before any agreement or integration can take place.

We highly recommend you read our Privacy Policy to familiarise yourself with how we handle your private information.

Who has access to my information?

The guiding principle behind ThisIsMe is to put you back in control of your own information, so that no one else has access to your private data, unless you grant them access.

Which documents can be used as a proof of address?

You may use any valid document displaying your name, surname and current physical address. Common examples of these include:

  • Municipal Bills
  • Utility Bills
  • Signed Lease /Rental Agreement (within 3 months of signing)
  • Telephone / Mobile Phone Account

For the full list of accepted documents please click here.

I'm not receiving my text message correspondence to my listed mobile phone number?

Please login and double-check your listed primary mobile number. Should any digits be incorrect, our text correspondence won't successfully reach your mobile phone. We advise also to double-check the primary mobile number you've listed, and ensure that this is the mobile number of the phone you primarily use.

I recently got married so my name has changed. How do I update this information?

Your Photo ID or Passport document should reflect the name change, so you'll just need to delete the existing uploaded version of your Photo ID or Passport document and add the updated version.

How do I remove my data from ThisIsMe?

To have your account deleted, please contact us.

I can't remember my password to change it, what do I do?

You can access the "forgot password" function by logging out of your profile and navigating to the login page, where you'll see our "Forgot Your Password" link below the login details block. Firstly use this link to have a new password generated for you and thereafter, update your password using the "Change Your Password" link.

What's the difference between identity theft and identity fraud?

Identity theft is the abuse of a person's identity by obtaining their name, surname, date of birth, addresses, and other such personal details to obtain credit, loans, goods, and other services under that person's identity without their knowledge or permission.

Identity fraud however, accesses the stolen identity of an existing person or fabricates a non-existing person’s identity for criminal activity, in order to obtain goods or services under false pretences. This activity includes forged or stolen identity documents such as your Photo ID or Passport.

Why can't I use my valid driver's licence as a form of ID for the Identity Verification section?

Banks do not traditionally accept driver's licences as a form of ID, and ThisIsMe is required to comply with this regulation. Furthermore, ThisIsMe verifies driver's licenses seperately to national identity documents.