Enhanced Due Diligence

"The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust." Abraham Lincoln

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Why Enhanced Due Diligence?

Ticking the boxes is no longer enough to ensure compliance and to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. We have developed Machine Learning processes to go above and beyond mere cleansing of data in order to provide you with enhanced, valuable due diligence data. Identify politically exposed persons, terrorists, criminals or sanctioned organizations against worldwide government issued data and quickly identify fraud.

Benefits of Enhanced Due Diligence

  • Reduce Onboarding Friction
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Global Remote Onboarding
  • Tamper Proof Technology
  • Machine Learning Know Your Customer Process
  • Multipoint Identity Verification
  • Privacy Protected Process
  • Easy API integration

Turnaround Time

  • Real-time Service

How it Works

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Data Verification Checks

Ensure that all the necessary background compliance checks are completed.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Ensure an ongoing due diligence maintains the correct status of the individual.

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Enhanced Data Analysis

Additional layers of information highlight source of wealth, address confirmation and validity of documentation provided.

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Fully compliant reports generated for all due diligence checks.

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