Acceptable Confirmation Document Guide

The following is a list of acceptable documentation used to prove identity or address:

Country: The Republic of South Africa [ZA]
Last update: 19 September 2014
Applicable Law: FICA; The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Act 38 of 2001)


Proof of Residential Address

The following documents are considered acceptable to prove residential address. The document(s) must reflect a clear printed address and name of the end-user.

  • Utility bill (municipal water & lights account or Property Managing Agent statement)
  • Bank statement from on an official Bank document/form
  • Recent signed lease or rental agreement
  • Municipal rates & taxes invoice
  • Account statement from a service provider registered in terms of the National Credit Act
  • Telephone or cellular telephone account
  • Official SARS document, excluding any e-Filing documentation
  • Valid television licence
  • Television licence renewal confirmation letter
  • Subscription TV (e.g. Multichoice, TopTV, etc) statement
  • Home loan statement from a financial institution
  • Long/short term insurance policy documents, from a Financial Services Provider
  • Motor vehicle registration/licence documents
  • Municipal councillor letter
  • Body corporate/governing body letter or statement
  • Official employer letter for employees residing on company/institution premises
  • Official university/ technikon registration letter
  • Physical Site visit conducted for Verification Purposes Confirmation – Form 3121 BX
  • Tribal authority letter
  • Affidavit to confirm Residential Address by Co-habitant, Home Owner or Parent – Form 3122EX
  • Declaration of Residential Address by Employer where Employee resides on the Employer’s property – Form 3850EX
  • Declaration of Residential Address by Co-habitant, Home Owner or Parent – Form 3874EX.