Gartner's Aspiring Innovators

03 October 2017

If you’ve ever been to a Gartner event, you’ll know about the prestige and the professionalism that inevitably comes with it. ThisIsMe was fortunate enough to be included as one of the Aspiring Innovators for the Cape Town leg of the world tour Gartner Symposium. The invite carried with it some incredible opportunities for us as a team, listed below. If you’re ever in doubt as to whether to attend a Gartner Symposium event, this post will provide you with some objective information, to make your own informed decision.


The selection of the 6 Aspiring Innovators was based on a startup’s ability to deliver unique enterprise level, local solutions - thankfully we were invited to join this year’s Symposium.


The Gartner Symposium is designed to showcase best in class IT solutions as well independent and objective content and is described as the world’s most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives. The educational content is delivered by senior Gartner analysts as well as internationally acclaimed thought leaders covering topics such as “A New Vision for Google, Apple and Alibaba in Banking”, “Key Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” and “Calculating the Total Cost of Digital Strategies”.

We had the opportunity to connect with some relevant suppliers, also showcasing their ‘wares’ at the event. This opportunity cannot be understated as we met with decision makers who could see the benefit in working with us long-term.  Similarly, we engaged with potential partners who possess the power to accelerate our growth locally and abroad.

Naturally, we wanted to meet with potential clients frequenting the trade-floor. Our goal was to meet at least 3 major clients - this goal was easily surpassed as the heads of ‘business making’ clients requested additional meetings and demos with us.

Thought Leadership

There aren’t many businesses who can compete with Gartner’s pure power as a think tank in the business IT solutions space. This was confirmed by the analysts and speakers who graced the many floors, covering topics that shed light on current and future business challenges. Despite the considerably expensive (R25,000.00) price tag per ticket, our experience of the event deemed this to be a worthwhile spend, with enormous returns on investment available to attendees. If attending the talks is not enough, one gains access to Gartner analysts for one on one meetings to discuss specific topics and challenges that you may be interested in.


We were honoured to be included as one of the Aspiring Innovators. This gave us free access to a world-class event, with best in class content. The event is designed to accelerate your knowledge gains and your networking opportunities within the corporate IT space and achieves this with aplomb. Access to curated, compelling, critical information is guaranteed at Gartner’s Symposium.

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