Currency Partners (SA) Implements the ThisIsMe Solution

22 June 2015

Currency Partners (SA), one of South Africa’s fastest growing money transfer specialists has implemented South Africa’s first online identity platform, ThisIsMe, to enhance its KYC (Know Your Customer) and compliance processes.

Currency Partners (SA) is one of the leading and most innovative foreign exchange and money transfer companies in South Africa seeking a solution to simplify and bolster their client validation and verification requirements from the FSB and Reserve Bank. “ThisIsMe” met their requirements for a real-time solution so clients can be on-boarded securely in a compliant manner without any delays.

Eike Feltz, Director at Currency Partners (SA), commented on the partnership, “We have been very impressed by the simplicity, ease and thoroughness of the ThisIsMe solution and believe our clients will appreciate how the verification platform is consumer driven. ThisIsMe will enable our clients to take control of their identity assets and only share these when and with whom they choose. With the aid of the: ThisIsMe” platform, we can quickly and efficiently further verify our client identity credentials to help ensure that all money transfers are completed securely and our compliance requirements have been met.”

“We are delighted to welcome Currency Partners as our sixteenth brand embracing the value of secure identities and are confident that their corporate and private clients will welcome the opportunity of verifying their banking credentials to guarantee payments are made from or paid to their verified beneficiary accounts”, said Mark Chirnside, CEO of ThisIsMe. Mark added, “Should Currency Partners clients wish to use the free “ThisIsMe” platform to securely vault any further identity assets, they can do so in order to enable other third parties to validate their identity assets in a fully compliant POPI manner.”

About Currency Partners (SA)

Currency Partners (SA) is a specialist service provider of money transfer and foreign exchange services. Authorised by the FSB as a Financial Services Provider with SARB approval, offering fast, reliable and secure international money transfers at bank beating discounted wholesale exchange rates for private and corporate clients alike. Please visit for more information on their services.

About ThisIsMe

ThisIsMe is South Africa’s first online verification platform. ThisIsMe authenticates and verifies individual’s real online identity, enabling the individual to transact online in the knowledge that others interacting with them are confident in their online persona. Equally, they will know that the individual they are meeting with, selling to, buying from and engaging with, is real and can be traced in the event of a problem (subject to law).
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