5 Steps to Protect Yourself Against S.A’s Biggest Identity Data Hack

19 October 2017

If you’re wondering whether your personally identifiable information (PII) was part of the recent Deeds data breach, there is a high probability that it was. Our investigation has identified that approximately 60m identities (including deceased identity data) were involved in the breach. This post is not intended to scare you, it is however aimed at arming you with 5 practical steps to mitigate the prevalent risks resulting from this explosive breach. If you’re interested in finding out how best to protect yourself and your loved ones from being targeted by identity thieves, read on.

Step 1 - Investigate the Impact

The first step to is to investigate the level that your profile has been affected. Taking stock is scary but an essential first step to managing the situation effectively. At ThisIsMe, we will be rolling out our latest compromised data investigation tool within the next two weeks to help you gauge the extent to which your PII has been compromised. To gain early access you can register as a ThisIsMe user here and we will notify you with exclusive early access within two weeks.

Step 2 - Set up Alerts

The next best step is to build your awareness through setting up alerts that notify you of any changes on your customer profile. Being aware of the attempts to access your credit status and to set up new lines of credit will allow you to stop fraudsters in their tracks. ThisIsMe will be including profile alerts in our new product launch within the next two weeks - to register for early access, click here.

Step 3 - Shut Down Access (Part 1)

Take the time to immediately shut out attempts at logging into your accounts. You can do this by changing all of your usernames, passwords and security questions - including those linked to your social media accounts and especially those accounts linked to your financial transactions.

This will signal that you’ve taken steps to block would be hackers and will serve as a strong first step to preventing any losses.

Step 4 - Shut Down Access (Part 2)

Once you’ve changed your account data you should then move onto making contact with all of the relevant institutions handling your sensitive PII. Contact your credit providers, your medical aid, your doctor's office, your educational institutions and instruct them not to take any action on your account unless they’re dealing with you in person, or via a live video chat (if they’ve got a recent photograph of you on hand.) This may seem extreme but is an important step to dissuading and blocking would be identity thieves.

Step 5 - Engage with Institutions

As a final step, you can engage with the institutions charged with protecting your PII. By making yourself heard and by ensuring accountability, you can make a meaningful impact to building the necessary safeguards that we need from these institutions. Your awareness and your voice, when considered as a collective, will go a long way to preventing massive data breaches like this from happening again.

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