2017's Fintech Events List

09 January 2017

Here's A List of 2017's Top Fintech Related Events...

Despite digital continuing to pervade every aspect of our lives, there is still enormous value in making face-to-face connections with people. When there is no ‘digital gap’ in between us, we’re able to understand the connections we make at a deeper, more honest level. We know this intuitively, but there is enough evidence to support the ‘feeling’ that face-to-face communications still hold great value. The stats point to a staggering 93% of our communicative effectiveness is determined by our non-verbal cues. We can pick up on body language, see what people look like (beyond just their head shot or an avatar,) assess how they dress, and best of all, we can benefit from the ‘realness’ that meeting in person can offer. These are just some of the reasons it still proves so valuable for us to invest in offline human connections and offline events remain one of the best spaces for us to do this in.

The ThisIsMe team and I are always looking out for events worth attending. Whether you’re looking to learn more about certain areas within Fintech, Fintech in general, or you just enjoy browsing the latest tech offerings before they become big news - the below list of the best Fintech related events, happening worldwide, will certainly give you every opportunity to benefit from some ‘F2F’ connections.

If there are events worth listing that aren't yet listed, please let me know in the comments section below. Please also feel free to share this article with your network.

*Dates provided are start dates - some of the events are held over a few days.















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