2016 Highlights Letter

22 December 2016

2016 Highlights

ThisIsMe has grown up in 2016 - from our seminal, consumer focused offering at the beginning of the year, to a unique, privacy protected, platform that can prove that people are who they say they are, to be used by businesses around the world.

We’ve managed to pivot our way into a leading position in the identity verification space this year and can recount a few highlights that paved the way for the growth that we’ve experienced.

From C to B

Our focus on developing a consumer only identity verification product meant that we were always building with our users’ privacy protection being front of mind. We launched our consumer-focused offering in 2015 and quickly discovered that:

a.) Consumer demand was being far outstripped by business interest in our functionality.

b.) Privacy protection was fast becoming essential for businesses to employ when engaging with their users/customers.

From this early stage development, we came to realise that the scope of the functionality on hand, was far more valuable when applied to the B2B use cases of onboarding and KYC. We switched focus to this new model and found immediate traction with some of the largest financial service providers in Africa.

More Horsepower

We elected to move away from external suppliers, for all of the development functions, to a specialist in-house team. This allowed us to build out core functionality at a much faster rate and helped us to achieve a product standard that passes the most stringent testing requirements. Owing to this increase in development horsepower, we have subsequently added a mobile app, an updated version 2 of our API and can integrate with our clients seamlessly.

Going Global

Attending this year’s WebSummit in Lisbon (see full article here,) gave us a clear indication of the global appetite for our product offerings. We found opportunities to partner and supply businesses around the world, with global expansion becoming an essential part of our strategy for 2017.

Team Sport

This year has also seen us build a strong team that I believe can achieve the growth goals that we have set for ourselves. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team for all of their hard work and dedication to creating something game changing for our clients.

Best regards
Mark Chirnside

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