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Safely securing your online identity, with one easy-to-use web service.

Know with certainty that a seller is who they claim to be.

We make use of the most secure and comprehensive verification technologies to positively identify you in any online environment.

We only make use of information you supply, not what others think they know about you.

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26 Febuary 2015

CTO David Thomas, talks about the benefits of having a ThisIsMe profile.

In a world where our online identities are consistently under threat, Seth Rotherham sheds some light on protecting your online identity with ThisIsMe. The insert was originally aired on the eNCA channel on South Africa's DSTV, channel 403

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We believe security is a right, not a priviledge, therefor a ThisIsMe profile carries no cost, to you, the user.

Why ThisIsMe?


ThisIsMe pays a small amount into your account to verify you (and only you) have access to that account. Consider it to be similar to a OTP (one-time PIN) directly to your account.

How ThisIsMe works


ThisIsMe takes data privacy very seriously. In fact, we designed our entire system around it. You remain in control of your own data.

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Absolute Control

You upload what you want and we do the rest. You list your information in your secure cloud space, while we provide the tools for you to decide who may view what, when and for how long.

Your data in one place

ThisIsMe profile holders enjoy secure cloud-based storage facilities to manage personal identity. World-class security ensures only the registered account holdes can access their data.

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